Giving Voice

Amplifying the voices of female storytellers through audiobooks and social advocacy.

With the Giving Voice project, I will use my voice and platform to collaborate with women authors whose stories I feel moved to give voice to: stories of resilience and transformation that inform and inspire.

Community impact and service are important values of mine. So, I will donate my time and 100% of my earnings from these projects to organizations that serve and advocate for the populations featured in each book.


by Lisa Fierer

In 2022, I completed my first Giving Voice audiobook, “Thirst,” a memoir by Lisa Fierer. In this gripping true story, the author details her path to healing and radical forgiveness after she lost her mother to domestic violence, when Lisa was just 12 years old. I will donate all proceeds from the Audible sales to SafeHouse Boulder to support domestic abuse survivors and their families as they rebuild their lives.

Audiobook Release: December 6, 2022

Listen to an excerpt of Chapter 1 from the "Thirst" audiobook

Going forward, I aim to complete two Giving Voice audio books per year.