About Nina

A Seasoned Performer.

Nina is the rare professional voice actor who can take on both the technical demands of TTS (text-to-speech) and the spontaneity of improvisation. Through her career as a musician, storyteller, cabaret artist and even a clown, she has developed virtuosity and confidence across genres. Nina is a veteran artistic collaborator. Whether she’s doing commercial voice over work for a telecom company or voicing characters for the latest multiplayer RPG, Nina’s creativity on tap approach to life flows into her work as a voice over actor.

Nina loves a good story. As a talented voiceover actor, she expertly brings out the story embedded in your script with her range of styles, from warm and authoritative (your trusted partner) to quirky, irreverent and fun (your partner in crime). She is a storytelling professional whose natural, conversational delivery brings a heartfelt authenticity into her work on commercial voice overs. You’ll hear it and so will your audience!

A Compelling Storyteller.

A Vocal

As well trained as any elite athlete, voiceover actor Nina Rolle is known for her coachability, her endurance and her consistency. Like all top performers, she puts in the time to make sure her instrument is always in peak condition. She keeps her head in the game and goes all in at game time — and she has the stats to prove it!

Her soothing voice can take you on a contemplative journey, and embodies the steadiness and wisdom attained through many hours on the cushion. She is friendly, reassuring and instantly relatable – the perfect voice for your educational and documentary projects.

A Warm Authority.

The Green-Collar Voice.

I believe we all have a responsibility to protect our planet, to preserve our natural environment, to leave the campsite better than we found it. As a voice over actor, I’m passionate about working with organizations that share this belief and telling their stories, from clean energy solutions for homes and transportation, to water management, food sustainability and more.

Voice Over Actor Nina Rolle has a passion for renewable energy.